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As part of the services we offer to our guests, we have a series of tours, which have been designed so that you know the surroundings of Drake Bay and Corcovado National Park. We invite you to see the details of each tour below:


Corcovado Sirena Ranger Overnight

Two Days and One Night. or the other option overnight in Sirena Station and Hike Trail  to La Leona Station to Carate and Puerto Jimenez. It possible make best price for group or for two or more person. 

Description of tour: Breakfast 5AM in Casa Gitana,  Transport from Drake Bay to the National Park and return, Departure 5;30-AM- in a boat for an hour and a half, we went to the station to mark the entrance and to get the Room, we hike for 4 hours in the Park, we back to the station for lunch, 2 hours a break, one more walk for 3 hours, return to the station 5PM, Dinner time 6 PM, Station Sirena have WIFI free for client, it NOT possible hike in the Night, so we returned to walk 5 AM, Breakfast 8 AM, one more walk for 4 hours, 11:30 AM to 12 MD, Return back to the Drake Bay, lunch in Casa Gitana 2PM,

It is possible to see in Corcovado:

Snakes, Ara Macao[Costa Rica Guacamaya Bandera], Tucan Pico Iris[ and many species of Birds], Coaties, Pecari, Puma, Caucel Tigrillo, Procyon[Mapache], Tapirus[Danta], Many species of monkeys, Many species of amphibians.

We make all the tour in Drake Bay or organize the tour with the others company.

It possible Pay for your trip to Corcovado Overnight in the link below.

  • Two Day and One Night $335.00  cash
  • Three Day and two Nights $ 600.00 cash

Went you pay by credit card,  you need to pay CR Tax. All tax included.  


Sirena Ranger Station Corcovado National Park

Departure: 6 AM. Came back to  1:45 PM and 2:15 PM. 

Description of Tour: The tour begins with a one hour and 15 minute tour by boat, to the Bahia Drake Sirena Station. Once there is a walk of 5 hours along the trails around the station where you can usually see many animal,Many species of wildlife can be seen on this tour including Baird’s Tapir, peccary, four kinds of monkeys, Scarlet Macaws, Agoutis, Coatis, Crocodiles and more. monkeys,birds,Pecaríes,coatis,Tapir,sloths luckily.

You should bring plenty of water, sun protection, insect repellent, comfortable covered shoes, a flashlight, toiletries and towel, bathing suit, and any medications you require. A rain jacket and dry bags for any electronics are also a good idea. You do not need to wear long pants nor sleeves.

It There is a strict limit on the number of people that can visit Corcovado National Park on any given day, so we recommend reserving as soon as possible to guarantee your spot. Most tour operators will ask for 1 month in advance, but occasionally it is possible with one week notice.possible Pay for your trip to Corcovado National Park in the link below.

  • Sirena Station-[$95.00] + IVA CR.
  • San Pedrillo Station-($85.00) +IVA CR.

Went you pay by credit card,  you need to pay CR Tax.

Tickets to the Park, certified guide of the I.C.T. with telescope, boat and captain, lunch style lunch box [Sandwich, juice, cookies and fruit].

Other options in Drake Bay of the local tours:

1 - Drake Bay Hike Trail

Bahia Drake has some good walks of gratias in the jungle and rivers with waterfalls or by the beach saver between jungle and beach,

  • 1 Hike trail to San Josecito Beach.
  • 2 Hike trail to waterfall the Bijagua.

2 - Night Tapir Trail Tour -  Price [$ 75 ]

Departure 2:30 PM, Came back  8 PM,Transport, Boots, Dinner in the Jungle,  Certified Guide, Lightbulb, Time of the walk 2 hours,  in one of our private areas near Corcovado National Park, Possible to see ; Snake, Frogs, Bats, Raccoon, tepezcuintle.

3 - Bird Watching Tour - Price [ $65]

Includes: Transport, boots, Certified Guide, with Telescope.  in one of our private areas near Corcovado National Park, Possible to see; Toucans, Ara Macao[ in Costa Rica LAPA ROJA ] and many more Birds that only one of our Guides can inform you.


Snorkel and Diving Caño Island National Park

Includes: Tickets to the Park, Certified guide of the I.C.T. with Snorkeling equipment, boat with safety regulations and Captain, lunch style buffet in San Josecito Bay, Departure: 7am, we came back 1:30 and 2:30pm.

Isla del Caño is a small island about 20 km from Drake Bay, Costa Rica, which has about 300 hectares (3 km²) .1 2 It is in the Pacific Ocean part of Costa Rica, west of the Osa Peninsula . It was declared a national park and protected area, with a permanent park ranger station on the island. It is a popular tourist destination, which attracts visitors for its beaches, coral banks and marine life. Researchers currently use coral beds to study the factors surrounding coral death and the recolonization process. Marine life includes stingrays, dolphins, sea turtles, whales and a variety of fish. The limited diversity of terrestrial fauna, however, is notable, since the island has less than one percent of the peninsula’s diversity of insects and highlights the absence of numerous native animals from the nearby mainland. The evidence of human pre-Columbian activity on the island is substantial, with some interesting artifacts such as carved stone spheres, evidently made by the first civilizations that inhabited these territories.

  • Snorkel: Prices [$85.00 ] + IVA CR.
  • Scuba Diving: ( $ 140.00) + IVA CR.
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